Branch Library

The Wessex branch has its own small library available to members. To download a list of the books available to borrow, please use the link below.

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160 Years Of Seth Thomas Clocks Bailey, C H

A Guide To Turret Clock Research McKay, Chris

A Long Time In Making: The History Of Smiths Nye, James

Accurate Clock Pendulums Matthys, Robert J.

Antiquarian Horology Volume 1 AHS

Antiquarian Horology Volume 2 AHS

Antique American Clocks And Watches Thomson, R

Antique Clocks & Clock Collecting Bruton, Eric

Antique Watch Restoration Perkins, Archie B.

Antiques & Their Values – Clocks & Watches 1981 Curtis, T

B.H.I. Conservation Of Clocks & Watches Wills, Peter B

Barometers (Aneroid Barometers And Their Restoration) Collins, P R

Bench Practices For Watch And Clock Makers Fried, Henry B

Brass Dial Clocks Loomes, Brian

Carriage Clocks History & Development Allix, Charles and Bonnert, Peter

Clock And Watch Escapements Gazeley, W J

Clock And Watch Making Today Exhibition 1987 Clockmakers, Worshipful Company Of

Clock Cleaning & Repairing Jones, Bernard E

Clock Jobber’s Handbook Hasluck, P N

Clockmaker’s Guide Harlow

Clocks Fleet, Simon

Clocks Jagger, Cedric

Clocks & Clockmakers Of Salisbury Snell, Michael

Clocks & Watches – Clockmakers’ Company Clutton, Cecil; Daniels, George

Clocks And Watches Belmont

Clocks And Watches Ullyett, Kenneth

Clocks And Watches 1400–1900 Bruton, Eric

Clocks And Watchmakers Of Tiverton Ponsford, C N; Scott, J G M; Authers, W P

Clocks In The British Museum Tait, Hugh

Clockwork Of The Heavens Asprey

Collector’s Collection Clutton, Cecil

Collectors Pieces, Clocks & Watches Science Museum

Correspondence Course – 3 Vols Preliminary/Intermediate/Final BHI

Country Clocks And Their London Origins Loomes, Brian

Country Life International Dictionary Of Clocks Smith, Alan

Directory Of Hampshire Clockmakers Norgate, Martin

Dorset Clocks & Clockmakers Tribe, Tom; Whatmoor, Philip

Electric Clocks Wise, S J

English 30 Hour Clocks Darken, Jeff; Hooper, John

English Barometers 1690–1860 Goodison, Nicholas

English Church Clocks 1280–1850 Beeson, C.F.C.

English Clocks For The Eastern Markets White, Ian

English Country Grandfather Clocks Barder, R C R

English Dial Clocks Rose, Ronald

English Domestic Clocks Cescinsky, Herbert; Webster, M R

English House Clocks Bird, Anthony

English Lantern Clocks Hana, W.F.J.

The English Watch: 1585–1970 A Unique Alliance Of Art, Design And

Inventive Genius

Camerer Cuss, Terence

European Clocks Tyler, Eric

European Pendulum Clocks Heuer

French Clocks, Clocks The World Over (Part3) Tardy

Gears For Small Mechanisms Davis, W O

Guide To The Museum Of The Worshipful Company Of Clockmakers Baillie, G H

Harrison Betts, Jonathan

Horological Hints And Helps Britten, F W

Horology In Provincial And Rural Museums Stevens, John; Aked, Charles

In Quest Of Clocks Ullyett, Kenneth

Investing In Clocks & Watches Cumhaill, P W

It’s About Time Chamberlain, Paul

Jens Olsen’s World Clock City Hall Of Copenhagen

Jeweled Bearings Higginbotham, Charles

John Harrison And His Timekeepers Gould, Rupert T

John Harrison Copley Medallist Quill, Humphrey

Lantern Clocks And Their Makers Loomes, Brian

Lathe Accessories, How To Use Them. Westbury, E T

The Longcase Clock Reference Book Robey, John A.

Longcase Painted Dials Tennant, Mary Frances

Longitude Sobel, Dava

Looking After Your Antique Clock Rose, Ronald

Lyle Official Antiques Review 1979 Rutherford, Margot

Metamec, The Clockmaker, Dereham Bird, Clifford

Oddities Gould, Rupert T

Old Clocks And Watches And Their Makers (9th Ed) Britten, F J

Painted Dial Clocks Loomes, Brian

Paul Philip Barraud With Supplement Jagger, Cedric

Perpignan 1356 Beeson, C.F.C.

Pocket Watches Meis, Reinhard

Practical Clock Repairing De Carle, Donald

Practical Watch Repairing De Carle, Donald

The Quest For Longitude Andrewes, William J. H

Railway Clocks Lyman, Ian

Repairing Quartz Watches Fried, Henry B

Repairing Watch Cases Schwanatus, W. (Fenimore)

Restoring Musical Clocks & Boxes Ord-Hume, Arthur W J G

Royal Clocks Jagger, Cedric

Samuel Roberts – Clockmaker Pryce, W; Davies, T. Alun

Saunier’s Treatise On Modem Horology Saunier, Claudius (Foyles 1952)

Sharpening Small Tools Bradley, Ian

Skeleton Clocks Royer-Collard, F B

Sketch Of The Clockmaking Business 1792–1892 Camp, Hiram

Smiths Domestic Clocks : A Guide To Their History And Identification Smith, Barrie

Smiths Watches Smith, Barrie

Somerset Clockmakers Bellchambers, J K

Stands The Church Clock McKay, Chris

Sundials Daniel, Christopher StJ H

Sundials Mayall and Mayall

Sundials: Their Theory And Construction Waugh, Albert E

Survey Of Turret Clocks In The Salisbury Area Wiltshire (S.) Industrial Archaeological Soc.

Swatch Catalogue 1992

The Art Of Breguet Daniels, George

The Art Of The Gold Chaser In Eighteenth-Century London Edgcumbe, Richard

The Bracket Clock Roberts, Deryck

The Chain Makers White, Allen

The Chronograph Humbert, B.

The Clockmakers Of Sussex Tyler, E J

The Clocks And Watches Of Captain James Cook Howse, Derek; Hutchinson, Beresford

The Country Life Book Of Watches Camerer Cuss, T P

The Craft Of The Clockmaker Tyler, E J

The Deacon Family Of Leicestershire Clockmakers Hewitt, Patrick A

The First Twelve Years Of The English Pendulum Clock Lee, Ronald A

The French Marble Clock Thorpe, Nicholas

The Golden Age Of English Horology Garnier, Richard; Carter, Jonathon

The Grandfather Clock Edwardes, Ernest L

The Greenwich Meridian Ordnance Survey

The Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide (5th Ed) Terwilliger, Charles

The Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide (8th Ed) Terwilliger, Charles

The Inside Story Of The Swiss Watch Swiss Watch Chamber Of Commerce

The Lost Science Of John ”Longitude” Harrison Laycock, Wiliam S

The Pocket Watch Handbook Cutmore, M

The Price Guide To Clocks 1840–1940 Shenton, Alan

The Science Of Clocks & Watches Rawlings, A L

The Tompion Clocks At Greenwich And The Dead-Beat Escapement Howse, Derek

The Watch Collection Of Stanley H. Burton Burton, Stanley H

The Watch Escapement Fried, Henry B

The Watch Repairer’s Instructor Britten, F W

The Watch Repairer’s Manual Fried, Henry B

The Watchmaker’s Lathe De Carle, Donald

The Wells Cathedral Clock Howgrave-Graham, R P

The Worlds Great Clocks & Watches Jagger, Cedric

The Theory Of Horology Reymondin, Charles-Andre

Thomas Tompion – 300 Years Evans, Jeremy

Time Measurement – Catalogue Of The Science Museum Ward, F A B

Turret Clock Keepers Handbook McKay, Chris

Twelve Faces Of Time Doerr, Elizabeth

Viennese Clockmakers And What They Left Us Claterbos, F H Van Weijdom

Viennese Timepieces Kaltenbock, F

Watch & Clockmakers Handbook Dictionary & Guide Britten, F J

Watch And Clock Encyclopedia De Carle, Donald

Watch And Clock Making And Repairing Gazeley, W J

Watch Case Makers Of England Priestley, Philip

Watch Repairing Player, J W

Watch Repairing And Adjusting Randell, W

Watches Thompson, David

Watches (Ashmolean Hanbook Series) Thompson, David

Watchmakers And Clockmakers Of The World Vol 1 Baillie, G H

Watchmakers And Clockmakers Of The World Vol 2 Loomes, Brian

Watchmaking Daniels, George

Watchmaking In Llangollen Bacon, D H

With The Watchmaker At The Bench De Carle, Donald

Wooden Clock Cases Bryant, D